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Monday, March 19, 2012

Inspiration Rings

On one of my groups, TheSumofAllATCs, Cheryl has created this fantastic and fun swap.  She sent all the players little cardboard rings to embellish as we wish.  I had so much fun with these.  The picture is not the greatest as I had to resort to taking them with my phone.  Half of them were made with Metal Foil Tape and the other half with Heavy Duty Alum Foil as I ran out of the metal tape.  Foil run thru the bigshot to emboss then alcohol inks were used.  Some have fibers hanging out.
Inspiration Rings for TheSumofAllATCs


  1. Great job I love the way the look I wishe I has some of that foil tape I never even through of it I was thinking of stamping .... always i always think of stamping... lol MaryR

  2. The sum of all ATC's group is the best I've found.I wanted to be in this swap darn it.I love your foil ideas they look great.Also I LOVE the ATC's you have added to the photo albums of the group...I'm awWWHHH struck.

  3. Thank you ladies for your wonderful comments. I had so much fun with these. Can't wait to see the returns!

  4. these are gor-jus stacey! thank you for sharing :)