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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Journal - Heal thy Heart

It has been so long since I've journaled.  I have found that I really missed it and plan on doing lots more journaling.  When I started this page, I was actually depressed but when I finished, a couple of months later, I was starting to feel like my old self.  Therefore, it lead me to the title of this page...Heal thy Heart.

Sewing charms

I signed up for a charm swap with the theme "Sewing" and here is what I created. I made 2 sets.
Fabric Charm - 1

Spool Charm - 2

Fabric Charms - Set 2

Spool Charms - Set 2

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Altered Egg - Tussie Mussie

This Altered Egg is finally done, after 3 attempts.  The first one broke as I was putting the lid on, 2nd one I wasn't happy with, so naturally I was really hoping that the 3rd time was the charm.  I am really luving this, it just might be my favorite piece of art I've done.  First I glued alum foil to a plastic egg, then used alcohol inks, added some frilly wire, ribbon, flowers and a metal butterfly which I also used alcohol ink to give it some color. 
Altered Egg
The next thing that I did was to create a Tussie Mussie.  To be honest, I had never heard of Tussie Mussie until I joined the swap.  It was so much fun to create.  It's made with paper, lace, button, and beads.  Hope my partner is happy with it!
Tussie Mussie

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Charms - Owl Nests

I was asked if I would like to be a replacement for a Charm swap, the theme was nests and with me luving to make charms I instantly jumped on the band wagon.  Intially I was stumped to come up with an idea, I knew I could do a wire nest but I needed to make a set of 18 and have them to the host by April 1st, so there wasn't enough time.  As I was shopping in Hobby Lobby trying to get some ideas for this I came across these gorgeous and oh so cute Owl beads and instantly knew what I was going to do.  I used the Owl beads and a bead cap as the nest.  I also used a brown Sharpie to give the bead cap a little bit of "nesty" color.  Hope everyone is happy with these!
Nest Charms - close up

Set of 18 Nest Charms

Monday, March 19, 2012


On one of my groups, ArtCharms, I joined in a swap where we are to create 23 charms and receive 22 (enough for a full bracelet) with the theme being Purple/Pink with Silver findings.  These are what I created, each one is a little different.  I luv making charms!  Again, the picture is not the best.
Purple/Pink Charms with Silver findings

Purple/Pink Charms with Silver findings
On one of my favorite groups, ATC_Fun I have a monthly charm swap, each month the theme is different.  These are the Febuary charms with the theme being Valentine's Day that my partner will be receiving.  Hope she likes them!
Valentine's Day Charms

Inspiration Rings

On one of my groups, TheSumofAllATCs, Cheryl has created this fantastic and fun swap.  She sent all the players little cardboard rings to embellish as we wish.  I had so much fun with these.  The picture is not the greatest as I had to resort to taking them with my phone.  Half of them were made with Metal Foil Tape and the other half with Heavy Duty Alum Foil as I ran out of the metal tape.  Foil run thru the bigshot to emboss then alcohol inks were used.  Some have fibers hanging out.
Inspiration Rings for TheSumofAllATCs

Friday, March 9, 2012

AFTCM swaps

The ATC theme for this was Alcohol Ink Butterfly.  I am really happy with these, they may just be may favorite cards.
 Mask I created with tissue paper, die cuts, flowers, yarn, ribbon and feathers.
I adore my altered eyeglasses, sad to see them go, however I received the most amazing glasses from my partner.
Altered 6" ruler, theme is school.  The bottom portion with the pencils is the actual ruler.